About Us

Dish ‘n’ Taste is a BBBEE and Female run Catering and Events Management Company offering a range of services. It was founded in 2011 by Nkoba Zwicker who is the Managing member.

Currently, the Business has (20) staff members.

Our clientele includes local Individuals and Businesses with a view to expanding internationally.

Our aim is to provide a service that brings you good quality home-cooked food to compliment the daily challenges and also cater for business and social gatherings and special events at affordable prices.

Our focus on the demand for a healthy lifestyle for today’s population sets us aside as we address health matters as well as prepare wholesome food you can enjoy.


Dish ‘n’ Taste has been able to successfully cater for several private events and our prospects for growth continue to grow as we connect with many other Companies.

Our Website records many visits daily and we are confident that our client base will definitely increase much bringing the growth we foresee!.

Dish ‘n’ Taste offers two broad services:

• Catering and Events Management

• Training: Health and Nutrition

Our Short Term Objectives are to increase client base and supply all across Cape Town with a view to expanding abroad and to achieve annual profit.