Our Services


Catering and Events Management

• Prepare and serve meals and refreshments for Workshops, Conferences, Weddings and Birthday Parties

• Supply daily meals to Companies upon order • Special 3rd Party Catering for Lodges, Hotels, Schools and Garages

• Our menus are Cosmopolitan (cutting across all cultures): Mediterranean, Ethnic etc. to suit every need. They include: cooked, baked, dried, fresh and boiled as well as Braai, Spit braai and Grilled foods.


Training, General Health Care and Domestic facilities management,  Nutrition, Hospitality



Each client is treated with specificity to meet their unique health and nutrition needs.


We build long term “Strategic Business Relationships” centred on meeting the client’s needs.
Currently, they include:

a. Ministry of Defence

b. Ministry of Social Development

c. Community Safety


e. UWC f. Provincial treasury

g. Broadreach Healthcare

h. W C Education Department

i. Local Government

j. Frika k. Premier



We believe our flair for a variety of good home-cooked food caters for the missing element in today’s culinary market.
Our success lies in the passion we have for health matters in our country and serving with excellence and professionalism. We also come with an innovative model of providing not only food but the relevant information that helps people understand and appreciate what they eat.
We believe that our services are much needed in our communities today especially by those with busy schedules and those who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The timing of Dish ‘n’ Taste is perfectly in line with Government’s current black empowerment, women’s and social and economic development policies.
We are committed to the promotion of health and long life through provision of health food that is enjoyable and satisfies the customer.